Welcome From the Dean

As part of the University of Khartoum, a brand name that is second to none in Sudan, the School of Management Studies, SMS, is an innovative and a unique business school with strong academic undergraduate and graduate programmes. These programmes are designed to encourage students to think independently and to challenge conventional wisdom. Currently SMS offers undergraduate degree in seven specializations at the undergraduate level and runs an MBA programme for more than 10 years, in addition to six intermediate business diploma programmes as well as distant learning programmes.

    SMS has the power and reputation to attract the best students and faculty in the country and is committed to educating the business leaders of tomorrow. Our academic stall exerts every effort to equip our students to meet the demands of the global, dynamic and knowledge economy, whilst excelling in teaching and research.

    The learning environment at SMS is a key to providing students with a fulfilling and exciting study experience, and helping to ensure that they are well prepared to meet the challenges at different levels in their career. Our safe campus, including our first class building and facilities offer the setting for the students and other stakeholders to receive the quality teaching we pride ourselves on. Whether you are a student or a trainee, you will be part of a learning environment that few places can match. Our supporting staff is friendly and cooperative in providing the necessary help that makes your study and stay in the School a pleasure.

    Whether you are looking for a place to start your bachelor degree in business, want to advance your career through the pursuit of an MBA, M.Sc. and a PhD degree or a professional training programme, please don't hesitate to explore what that SMS has to offer.

    SMS is very proud and appreciative of its former students and alumni who form an amazing network and support the School in different ways. I do hope you find what you are looking for at SMS, and would like to extend my personal welcome should you decide to join the School of Management Studies in the future.