The start of School of Management Studies was in 1958 as a department at Faculty of Economic and Social Studies .General and Honours Bachelor degree was awarded in Business Administration and only General Bachelor Degree in Accounting. In 1976 Honours Degree was added to the Department of Accounting . Both departments deported the Faculty of Economic and Social Studies to constitute the School of Management Studies in 1986 which comprises the Department of Business Administration and Department of Accounting & Financial Management 

School Departments &Units:

The School is composed of the following:

• Department of Business Administration

• Department of Accounting & Financial Management

• Consultancy Training Unit

• Statistic & Information Analysis Unit

• Self-Assessment Unit

• The consultancy Training Unit offers training courses and consultation to both public and private sectors .On the other hand the Statistics & Information Analysis Unit manages lab rotaries and Information Technologies . Self-Assessment Unit is added to reassess and evaluate the different programmes at the School.


Undergraduate program

Graduate programs




Doctorate of Business Administration

Business Administration

         > Management/Finance

         > Management /Marketing


Management Information Systems

Accounting & Financial Management

         > Finance






Doctor of Philosophy

>Business Administration

>Accounting & Finance

 Distance Learning program


> B. Sc. In Business Administration

> B.Sc. in Accounting & Financial Management

> General Master in Business Administration.

> MBA- Finance

> MBA- Marketing

> MBA- Project Management


 Master of Accounting

>Securities & Investment Funds

>Marketing & Sales Management

>Diploma Office Management & Information Systems

>Cost Accounting

  >Banking Management &  Accounting

  >Financial Acounting


>Master of Business Administration