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Name Honida Tarek Abdulkarim Ibrahim Age 19 years old Third semester Faculty of Sciences Primary cumulative average 3.49.
Hinaida Tariq is a superior student and very talented. I have many hobbies including swimming, horseback riding, reading political books and novels, spending much of her free time criticizing works of art from cinema, books, visions and stories. She is always working to develop and develop this talent. Hinaida also participates continuously in competitions, open exhibitions and weeks held at the college or at the university as a whole. She has many contributions to improving the students' academic situation by participating in the work of an English speaking club. Hinaida currently serves as academic secretary and has many ideas in developing the university's status, Students graduating and being competed by competent bodies to graduate as scientific research on behalf of the university, which contributes to enrich the research content of the university and contribute to the progress of the university's scientific classification. After graduating in the coming years, Hinaida wants to complete her higher studies and work as an administrative consultant in one of the major companies.