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Khartoum University Journal of Management Studies

Online From : 2010

Subject Area : Management Studies



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Volume .8

    Issue .2 (current , 2014)

    Issue .1 (2014)

Volume .7

     Issue .1 (2013)

     Issue .2 (2013)

Volume .6

     Issue .1 (2013)

     Issue .2 (2013)

Volume .5

    Issue .1 (2012)

     Issue .2 (2012)

Volume .4

     Issue .1 (2011)

     Issue .2 (2011)

Volume .3

     Issue .1 (2010)

     Issue .2 (2010)

Volume .2

     Issue .1 (2006)

     Issue .2 (2006)

Volume .1

     Issue .1 (1994)

     Issue .2 (1994) 


Editor Statement

The growth of business sector in the Sudan, in the latter part of the twentieth century and which continued unabated in the first decades of the 21st century, has generated a need for a forum to portray, discuss and tackle common ensuing problems facing the business sector. This had come with time witnessing globalization of, and growing complexity of markets and problems facing management in the areas of strategic and operating decision making. All these interlinked factors necessitate scientific research and analysis of business complex problems and issues. Journals, such as our journal, provide forums for scholars, both academics and practitioners to raise issues , exchange ideas and propose solutions.  The Khartoum University Journal of Management Studies (KUJMS) is an anonymously refereed biannual publication, published by the School of Management Studies, University of Khartoum, Sudan. Its editorial board consists of some of the best known and experienced scholars in the field of business administration in the Sudan and abroad. The objective of KUJMS is to provide a platform for the publishing and exchange of rigorous and serious articles by academics and practitioners on issues addressing emerging business problems and challenges.KUJMS will publish original, creative and scholarly research which integrates theory and practice and which addresses a readership in both academia and business. Specifically, the Journal seeks articles addressing issues in business finance, marketing, strategic and operational management, human resources, entrepreneurship, accounting, zakat and MIS. In so doing, KUJMS seeks to meet the growing need for such type of scientifically – based research in these areas. Although the main locale of the journal is Sudan, articles covering other countries and regions are welcomed, as long as they address issues that are relevant to Sudan business sector or they address issues of regional or global application and flavor.